Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Ravages of Time

They had a parade,
the day the watch factory stopped.
Two by two they walked down the street.
Husbands and wives,
workers and spouses,
away from the quitting time bell,
for the last time.

The building would empty,
and there it would sit,
with it's clocktower reminder,
that would eventually stop keeping time.

The couples moved on.
They embarked on new journeys;
two by two,
as if joining Noah's ship,
they packed up and left.

The building would crumble,
brick after brick,
with no life inside,
the hands of clock had stopped.
Soon they would fall,
succumbing to the ravages of time.

Sharlene Thornton, All Rights Reserved. 8/21/13

Sunday, August 6, 2017

perhaps a pint at home

There’s trouble at the station,

 I’d advise you not to go,

The underground is too dark tonight,

 And you will never make it back by light.


The police man said it was thieves,

And vandals.

But that’s only the prelim.

Perhaps you better take a taxi, dear,

And that would be alright.


I know you say you aren’t afraid,

And the coppers have got it controlled,

But perhaps you need not add,

to the confusion and the fray,

Perhaps you ought to stay.


You don’t need to go about,

They will miss you at the pub,

But there’s trouble at the station,

And who knows how it might spread,

Perhaps a pint at home, instead?


There’s trouble at the station,

 And a cab is so expensive,

Perhaps a pint at home instead.


 all rights reserved..Sharlene Thornton 2017

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Engine Failed

There’s a warm breeze blowing tonight
And the air is carrying rain
I’m standing on the side of the road
The engine seems to have failed
The road is wide and dirt
And the horizon is farther than you might think

I’m alone but I’m not so afraid
As you would be
For me

The clouds are gathering
But the tow truck is in on the way
And I’m sure I’ll be okay
The engine seems to have failed
But I haven’t
I know that isn’t what you’d think

I’m alone but I’m not so afraid
As you would be
For me

I left this morning with an ache in my heart
And now I’m here by the side of road
And it’s starting to rain
The road turns to puddles of mud
But I’ll be okay
The tow will be here soon

I’m still alone but I’m not so afraid
As you would be
For me

Here’s the tow
Everything will be okay and I’ll be on my way
Still alone but not afraid
Not afraid at all
Of a road that’s long and wide
The engine failed but I did not.

all rights reserved (even though it's just a rough draft) ST 2017

Friday, February 10, 2017

Time as it passes.

the moon will be eclipsed tonight
and I will think of you
of youth and spring
and dew and baseball fields

a comet will cross the sky
and I will think of you
of brevity and intensity
and unfinished plans

the stars will appear like every other night
and I will think of you
and others too
and time as it passes

the sun will rise in the morning
and I will not see it join the day
because I will be sleeping late
because I do not sleep well at night

because I think of you
and others too
and time as it passes

All rights reserved. S.T. 2017

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Barbie Doll

The music is too loud
Uncomfortable looks
Random moves by strangers
She looks like she just woke up
Rubs her eyes
It is smoky and dark in here
But really she doesn’t see the lies
Doesn’t open her eyes wide enough
When she opens her mouth to scream
“You aren’t real!”
There is no one to insult
She has fabricated all of it
Just like the makeup she wears
Everything is fake
She portrays some other girl
And wonders why the boys aren’t real
She looks to her friends
But they are playing the same game
And no one ever wins
That boy thinks he has
But at the end of it all
He went home with a Barbie doll

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


I've been absent lately,
away from many,
but not really alone,
just not here.

Not "in the moment",
not engaging,
not giving,
but not taking.

I've been hiding,
in plain sight,
wearing bright colors,
and honestly trying to get noticed.

I've been floating around in my life,
I haven't made a plan and stuck to it in a long while,
I just go with the flow,
but then times goes faster than I want it to,
and before I know, I've been gone too long.

I've been absent lately,
and alone.

I guess I'd better get back soon.
Miss you.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I'm overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings about the situation in Baltimore. I can't understand why people would loot, destroy property, set fires, riot and damage their own home city as some form of protest. They are only hurting themselves. To all the innocent and law-abiding folks that live there and have to endure this chaos, my heart goes out to you. I hope this ends soon, peacefully. Please rioters, go home, be good, be respectful and stop this nonsense.