Monday, September 24, 2018


Some of the greatest lines I've ever written come from dreams. They are just lines that I remember, usually completely out of context. I don't always remember what was happening in the dream that brings up the thought or line of dialogue but I'll find myself repeating the line over and over again until I wake up enough to write it down. It happened to me the other night. I wish I could remember what the dream was about. I remember another dream that must have happened close after or just before, but the not the one the line comes from. By now you are wondering what the line was, huh?

"We were like a little gang, sharing antibiotics and lovers." (all rights reserved. Don't steal this!)

Deep, right? What or who could I have been dreaming about? But dang, what a line! Someday, I hope I can use it. One day I hope to write lines like that one while I'm awake. And many more of them. Stories need a lot more than one really great line.

And what kind of dialogue was this? Was it the omniscient narrator? Was it one of the characters describing himself and others to someone? I guess I'll find out if I ever getting around to using it in a story.

The dream that happened around the same time was one of those where you feel the moment in your body. I don't know what those are called. (excuse me one second while I go "google that") Lucid Dreams...that the term I was looking for to describe how this dream felt to me. I was in a vary narrow and long boat, similar to a kayak, but open like a canoe. I'd never seen this type of  boat before, but now that I'm thinking about, it might have been like one of the boats they use for crew. What are those called? Scull. Hold on a second! It was a single scull. That was the boat. Anyhow, I was on a lake, but it was super still, no waves at all. The water was very dark and it was night time. I started skimming around on the top of the lake and was going in every widening circles and increasing speed. I was heading outside of the light of a big flood lamp that was over the water and someone asked me where I was going and I told them that I didn't know but that I was just trying to go very fast. I could feel the sway and speed of the boat. Mind you, I have never in this lifetime been in a scull boat, let alone a single. I don't swim well, and I don't row crew! So, it was one of those weird dreams that either stem from some desire to try something or maybe it's a past life memory. In any event, it was a powerful dream. I woke up and my whole body was "pins and needles".

That was quite a night.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

between the window and the screen

Year after year she returned
Making sure the rip in the screen was still there
Her doorway to her lair
She would repair and remodel
Spruce it up and then leave it

Spring came around and she would too
She would fuss about
Making the floor comfortable and the sides strong
Making sure it was secure
Between the window and the screen

The nest stayed empty
The nest stayed empty
We didn’t think about it all

Spring arrived again
And she was back
Pulling downy feathers from her breast
Bringing flowers and grass to cushion the eggs
And now, three little birds

And now we get to watch
And see our little friend
Her preparations paying off
To raise her children
In the nest between the window and the screen.

Articles of clothing,
One shoe there,
Another maybe there,
A purse,
A hat,
Empty glass,
Melting ice,
Still smoking cigar,
A fire smoldering in the hearth,
Another smoldering in her heart.

A sudden phone call and he was gone,
The tracks in the snow still warm,
The car miles down the road,
The man returning to his wife.

She was tricked by his words,
His promises,
His charm.
He was unfaithful to her,
And to his wife,
And he’d lied to both.

She felt foolish,

She would learn from this
And would be jaded in future affairs,
She would never have a first again,
And she had wasted it on him.

If only she could go back and
Return to innocence,
And happiness.

She had wanted to be grown up,
To have an adult relationship,
It had been so glamorous,
A cabin in the mountains,
A weekend to themselves,

But one call had ruined it all,
He had confessed his lies,
He hadn’t left his wife after all.
He wasn’t single,
He wasn’t available,
He wasn’t hers.

And so now,
This bitter and hurting young women,
Has learned what many already know,
The pain of being left.

(all rights reserved - SET)

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

I don't know what to do

I don’t know what to do.
I found you in an alley.
I was only taking a short cut,
You were behind the Chinese restaurant,
Hopefully not just eating from the trash.
I hoped that maybe they fed you.
You looked so sad and scared,
You wouldn’t make eye contact.
I looked around to see if you were really all alone.
I should have called someone for help,
But I didn’t know who to call.
And so I am left with thought and prayers,
And does that really help?
I should have taken you home.
Everyone deserves a home.
But do I have enough to spare?
I don’t know what to do.
There are so very many of you,
And only one that’s you.
I’ll go back and check on you.
I’ll see what I can do.

S. Thornton All Rights Reserved

Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Ravages of Time

They had a parade,
the day the watch factory stopped.
Two by two they walked down the street.
Husbands and wives,
workers and spouses,
away from the quitting time bell,
for the last time.

The building would empty,
and there it would sit,
with it's clocktower reminder,
that would eventually stop keeping time.

The couples moved on.
They embarked on new journeys;
two by two,
as if joining Noah's ship,
they packed up and left.

The building would crumble,
brick after brick,
with no life inside,
the hands of clock had stopped.
Soon they would fall,
succumbing to the ravages of time.

Sharlene Thornton, All Rights Reserved. 8/21/13

Sunday, August 6, 2017

perhaps a pint at home

There’s trouble at the station,

 I’d advise you not to go,

The underground is too dark tonight,

 And you will never make it back by light.


The police man said it was thieves,

And vandals.

But that’s only the prelim.

Perhaps you better take a taxi, dear,

And that would be alright.


I know you say you aren’t afraid,

And the coppers have got it controlled,

But perhaps you need not add,

to the confusion and the fray,

Perhaps you ought to stay.


You don’t need to go about,

They will miss you at the pub,

But there’s trouble at the station,

And who knows how it might spread,

Perhaps a pint at home, instead?


There’s trouble at the station,

 And a cab is so expensive,

Perhaps a pint at home instead.


 all rights reserved..Sharlene Thornton 2017

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Engine Failed

There’s a warm breeze blowing tonight
And the air is carrying rain
I’m standing on the side of the road
The engine seems to have failed
The road is wide and dirt
And the horizon is farther than you might think

I’m alone but I’m not so afraid
As you would be
For me

The clouds are gathering
But the tow truck is in on the way
And I’m sure I’ll be okay
The engine seems to have failed
But I haven’t
I know that isn’t what you’d think

I’m alone but I’m not so afraid
As you would be
For me

I left this morning with an ache in my heart
And now I’m here by the side of road
And it’s starting to rain
The road turns to puddles of mud
But I’ll be okay
The tow will be here soon

I’m still alone but I’m not so afraid
As you would be
For me

Here’s the tow
Everything will be okay and I’ll be on my way
Still alone but not afraid
Not afraid at all
Of a road that’s long and wide
The engine failed but I did not.

all rights reserved (even though it's just a rough draft) ST 2017