Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Love

I was only temporary, you met me at the general store, while I was waiting for my daddy. He was buying bait cause the rain didn't come and the worms didn't surface. You admired my fishing pole and I admired your eyes: like stars in a deep dark night. Daddy saw the look I gave you as we drove away and he knew. Oh Daddy always knows - you would be showing up on my front steps telling me the fish were jumping and off we'd go. Afternoons spent in your canoe, pretending to fish, but really you were baiting my hook and I was falling in love. Summer seemed to last forever and we only caught two dinners. You and I were too intense to fish. And then the season waned and you went off to school and I nursed a sunburn and a broken heart. I will never forget days on the lake, kisses in full sunshine and secrets in the dark.