Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fantastic Noise

There was a fantastic noise outside

And even though I was tucked away inside

The noise found its way to me

And I found myself beckoned to my window sill

I rose from my bed with a bit of caution

But once my naked feet hit the cold floor

I flew like a shot to the window

Peeking from the edge of the pane

I could not see anything below that could have made such a cacophony

I wondered if I had imagined it

But I couldn’t have

It was so big

I scampered to the other side and looked in the other direction

There! There was something new!

What it was I couldn’t quite determine

I’d never seen such a thing before

A rather large carriage was at the alley opening

On it were flags and banners of all colors

The colors themselves a fantastic noise

A large animal was harnessed to the carriage

But I couldn’t see what type it was

Then I discovered what the noise had been

A broken wheel was half in and half out of the driveway drain

What should I do?

No other window contained a curious face peering into the night

No person stirred below

What if someone was hurt?

Perhaps the nanny would know what to do

Or perhaps I’d be in trouble for leaving my bedchamber

Oh the excitement that beat in my tiny chest!

Tiny, why should I think of myself as tiny, I wondered

Here I was the man of the house while father was away

Nanny would do what I asked of her

I watched the carriage for awhile longer

Hoping that someone would repair the wheel

But no one came along

I went to Nanny’s door and knocked

Once, twice, three times

She came to the door in foul spirits

I dragged her by the hand to the window and asked her to look

To see the carriage and the very large animal

And to advise me whatever I should do

She looked and then advised me to get back to my bed and do my dreaming there

It appeared that the fantastic noise had only been a noise in my dreams

and what I saw from the window pane had only been my dreams

Staying with me after I awoke

But what an exciting night I had had

That night was sleepless til the morn

And I begged to paint the carriage during lessons

But Nanny said to keep it to myself and never speak of it again

Did she see it too?

all rights reserved S. Thornton