Thursday, April 5, 2012

driving home

Late spring weather on an early spring day

Country on the left and rap on the right

Classic rock from somewhere back

Guy in the truck tries not to look like he’s looking at me

Girl in the shades thinks she is invisible

Just because I can’t see your eyes

Light changes

Startled people leave their day dreams and start to drive again

Two mates for life fly over us

Honking their soulful love songs to each other

Stop again

This time to watch the little sparrow chase the blackbird away from her nest

Only a fraction of the bigger birds size she still scares it away

What a mother will do

Go again

Hey buddy, use a blinker next time

Feeling invisible as usual

As cars drift into my pathway

I fade into scenery

Another stop…last one and then I can turn into my neighborhood

Neighborhood…what does that even mean anymore

Just another place to be unnoticed

I don’t know anyone there

I just get my mail, use the pool, and sit on my porch

I spend most of my time inside my unit

Where I am assigned to be for now

What is the point in making roots

No one sees me now

Growing downwards isn’t going to make me easier to see

Here we are

Home at last

In the assigned parking space

Using borrowed keys to enter borrowed spaces

Filled with my belongings

Just things I take along from place to place

None of it matters to anyone but me

Sometimes when you’re invisible it makes thing easier to see

And others times you wish you didn’t have to see how alone you really are

Put the t.v. on for company

Open the door to the porch

The cats rush out to watch the life outside the screens

They barely notice you are home

Except that you opened the door

Later they will cuddle with you and profess their love with rumbling

But for now, you do your thing and they will do theirs

Wait for the phone to ring, it never does

Check email…nothing personal

Think about calling or writing someone, but too lonely to break the loneliness

And so it goes on

Maybe everyone else is feeling just like this ; that would be comforting to know

all rights reserved, Sharlene Thornton