Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Please keep me.

Please keep me gently
in a little box inside your heart
where it's warm and safe
and you won't forget
even when life distracts you
what I've meant to you
and what you meant to me

Please keep me quietly
so I can rest peacefully
knowing that you have my memory
deep inside yourself

Please keep me always
even when you need the space
in your heart
and I will keep you just the same

Please keep me faithfully
knowing that I do too
and when I look at the stars at night
I'll know you are looking too

Please keep me thoughtfully
think of me when you need to
and when you want to
and know you always have me
my friendship and my love
deep inside your heart

all rights reserved Sharlene Thornton

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


what is this nonsense that babbles out of your mouth like a stream over rocks,

why are you so blind to see the truth right before your eyes,

pretending that everything is alright will not make it so,

the blood rushes in my head and it's all I can hear,

this anger consumes me, this frustration,

it is like a disease that slowly deteriorates my soul,

why can't you just accept my limitations,

do I have to be cruel, yes I will have to be cruel,

anything to stop this incessant babble

Sunday, June 20, 2010

An actual napkin found in the dryer today

doubled expectations
single moments
you said you would be everything
but you knew you'd only be one thing on the list of needs
but you played a good game
and my expectations were too high
I've breakfasted by myself far too many times

all rights reserved Sharlene