Sunday, January 27, 2013


I began in knits and cotton
woven carefully to be soft and gentle on my skin
I moved to jersey and sweats
and stretchy pants
I grew into denim and leather
I graduated into cashmere and silk
I decided knits were king again
I took it back and deserved Cashmere
and now it doesn't matter what I wear
as long as it is comfortable and reflects my mood
my style has become a reflection of me and not my age
and now that I'm here I want to be ageless
but rompers don't work and mini skirts aren't what they used to be
and short shorts are risque
what ever shall I wear?!

all rights reserved.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


new beginnings
in cold days
and colder nights
with decorations bright
and champagne toasts
and dancing through the night
do we celebrate the end of the last
or the beginning of the next
suspended in time
we wonder what the next year brings
and then we sing
we should always sing

all rights reserved..ST