Thursday, August 11, 2011

the moment

we met a long time ago
and then we met again
and we liked the way it felt to be around each other
and so we went on some dates
and we went to parties
and there was this one
a sweet summer day, with swimming, and music
and we got dirty playing in the yard
it was time for lunch and we went inside to wash our hands
and you stood behind me at the sink and you washed my hands for me
and it was the sweetest, most romantic moment
feeling your body against mine
with your arms around me
and your hands washing mine
and I fell in love
that was the moment that I knew

all rights reserved
(Readers: What are your favorite romantic moments?)

Friday, August 5, 2011


every picture on the wall meant something to the person who hung them
they were all crooked, with a layer of dust, and frayed string holding them tentatively from rusting nails
faces of long gone relatives and houses now mounds of ash
pets and farms and celebrations from the past
and in the midst of these cherished but distance memories
a painting of stark contrast
colors that swirled
and made emotions surface
an angry painting in a sea of nostalgia
why had this modern feeling been placed among the pictures on the wall?
it was like the warning signs of a coup d'etat
a takeover of visual proportions
a bleeding gash in the skin of the hall
what war was about to be waged
between nostalgia and terror
why does moving on have to be so damn bloody

Thursday, August 4, 2011

unrelated napkin

Why do I have to keep on letting go?
Don't I deserve you?
After years of unwilling waiting..
will you ever see me for who I am..


You were everywhere and no where
in the corner of my eye I saw your signature cap
but when I turned it wasn't you
and then I heard you call my name
but from where?
I could not see you
Somone nearby told a story
I swore you'd told it to me before
but it wasn't you
and they didn't know of you
someone called your name
as though you'd just arrived
but he wasn't you
not a common name but my ears are trained to hear it
and then your cologne
yes I smell you but you again my eyes can't find you
my eyes, my ears, my nose
all wanting the familiarity that is you
my skin aches for your touch
my mouth waters
thinking of you and your salty sweet taste
my body aches for you
and imagines you everywhere and nowhere
all at once

(from actual bar napkins.. and totally my personal property, all rights reserved)