Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Haunting Woman

Her voice fit her like the satin gown she wore

Sliding sexily around all the curves of her body

Surrounding her in a smoke colored liquid shine

She held her head high but not too high

The curve of her neck was provocative

Her hair was the color of maturing honey

It fell in curls around her forehead where it escaped

The chignon

That elegant hairstyle that this event dictated

Her tall frame was exaggerated by the delicately heeled shoes she wore

She carried nothing

And she looked as though she never needed anything

She was soft but striking in this light

The candle light and mirrors reflected her beauty to the whole room

No one knew her

Many wondered who she was

But no one dared to ask

Her laugh was like the tinkling of crystal glasses

Her aura was that of mystery

She left before anyone knew who she was

An angel from the elegant past

Visiting again the place of her final toast

all rights reserved: Sharlene Thornton