Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm locked and loaded
ready for a snow day
what did you say
forceful what?
find me an envelope
I have a letter to write
darn it all
I'm going to tell the story
of the day we met
go ahead and get weepy
you can't stop me
when did you grow that beard?
don't call me baby
I'm more abstract than that
whoa whoa
unh huh
go get my sweater out of your car
I'm gonna go for a walk
that roadsign points to Vegas
but I wouldn't go with you
up into mountains
closer to stars
I'm going to build an adobe cliff house
and open a brothel
no I meant hotel
who the hell cares
as long as it's far from here

all rights reserved, Sharlene Thornton, 12/29/10

Monday, December 6, 2010

I refuse to play the martyr
Woe is not me
I will not except anything less than Joy
and I challenge myself to always give joy away
because only with giving can you receive