Thursday, April 19, 2018

between the window and the screen

Year after year she returned
Making sure the rip in the screen was still there
Her doorway to her lair
She would repair and remodel
Spruce it up and then leave it

Spring came around and she would too
She would fuss about
Making the floor comfortable and the sides strong
Making sure it was secure
Between the window and the screen

The nest stayed empty
The nest stayed empty
We didn’t think about it all

Spring arrived again
And she was back
Pulling downy feathers from her breast
Bringing flowers and grass to cushion the eggs
And now, three little birds

And now we get to watch
And see our little friend
Her preparations paying off
To raise her children
In the nest between the window and the screen.

Articles of clothing,
One shoe there,
Another maybe there,
A purse,
A hat,
Empty glass,
Melting ice,
Still smoking cigar,
A fire smoldering in the hearth,
Another smoldering in her heart.

A sudden phone call and he was gone,
The tracks in the snow still warm,
The car miles down the road,
The man returning to his wife.

She was tricked by his words,
His promises,
His charm.
He was unfaithful to her,
And to his wife,
And he’d lied to both.

She felt foolish,

She would learn from this
And would be jaded in future affairs,
She would never have a first again,
And she had wasted it on him.

If only she could go back and
Return to innocence,
And happiness.

She had wanted to be grown up,
To have an adult relationship,
It had been so glamorous,
A cabin in the mountains,
A weekend to themselves,

But one call had ruined it all,
He had confessed his lies,
He hadn’t left his wife after all.
He wasn’t single,
He wasn’t available,
He wasn’t hers.

And so now,
This bitter and hurting young women,
Has learned what many already know,
The pain of being left.

(all rights reserved - SET)

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

I don't know what to do

I don’t know what to do.
I found you in an alley.
I was only taking a short cut,
You were behind the Chinese restaurant,
Hopefully not just eating from the trash.
I hoped that maybe they fed you.
You looked so sad and scared,
You wouldn’t make eye contact.
I looked around to see if you were really all alone.
I should have called someone for help,
But I didn’t know who to call.
And so I am left with thought and prayers,
And does that really help?
I should have taken you home.
Everyone deserves a home.
But do I have enough to spare?
I don’t know what to do.
There are so very many of you,
And only one that’s you.
I’ll go back and check on you.
I’ll see what I can do.

S. Thornton All Rights Reserved