Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stranger Love

you walked by as a stranger
I nodded my head politely
it was in response to your muffled greeting
what did you say?
you seemed familiar and then not at all
the next day it happened again

I didn't remember seeing you before
but somehow I knew I'd see you again

and then day after day
for weeks you were there
passing by me as I waited for the bus
the mumbled greeted was joined by a smile
some eye contact
and then a hearty hello!

and then one day you stopped to talk
and we were strangers no more
I knew your name and you knew mine
and for awhile everything was nice

and then one day you weren't there
you didn't pass by
there was no morning chat
I checked my watch
this was the time
where were you?
I got on the bus, regretfully, how had I missed you?

but the next day you didn't show either
and then the days turned into weeks
and my stranger love was gone
faded to memory

(all rights reserved, ST)

Friday, October 28, 2011

more to this than that

sundresses in winter
pale skin reflects the Florida sun
tourists looking for escape
realizing that their lives are still the same
no matter what the weather

(all rights reserved ST)