Sunday, August 6, 2017

perhaps a pint at home

There’s trouble at the station,

 I’d advise you not to go,

The underground is too dark tonight,

 And you will never make it back by light.


The police man said it was thieves,

And vandals.

But that’s only the prelim.

Perhaps you better take a taxi, dear,

And that would be alright.


I know you say you aren’t afraid,

And the coppers have got it controlled,

But perhaps you need not add,

to the confusion and the fray,

Perhaps you ought to stay.


You don’t need to go about,

They will miss you at the pub,

But there’s trouble at the station,

And who knows how it might spread,

Perhaps a pint at home, instead?


There’s trouble at the station,

 And a cab is so expensive,

Perhaps a pint at home instead.


 all rights reserved..Sharlene Thornton 2017