Monday, March 25, 2013

Kevin The Afternoon Guy

Hey Kev,
 Sharlene here. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that I didn't come and see you last time I was in Connecticut. I was up there visiting my family. I knew you were hosting an open mic night. I think it was in Cromwell. I hadn't run into you in a long time. The last time we spoke on the phone was one of us saying to the other.."hey,'s not gonna work out this time." I'm sure I said I'd pop into wherever you were going to be doing the dj thing or hosting next time I was around. We weren't that close you and I, but I've known you for years. And it was always nice to run into you. I wish I had made more of an effort last time. Now, it's weird. Your "going away" party is going to be next week and I'll be in Connecticut, but I won't be able to make it because my little brother is having surgery that day.
 All this has really made me sad. It seems that we as humans, friends, always think, "hey I'll see you next time".  Well, now there will not be a next time.
 Remember that time that I was in Connecticut by myself some random summertime when you were still hosting at the bar on the riverside in Hartford. I didn't know you would be there. I was looking for Kim. Last I'd heard she was working there part time. Turns out she wasn't working there anymore but I saw you on stage and stuck around for awhile. We had a great time. You could really make a person feel at ease.
 And then, way before that, there was a night that I ran into you because my shift had been cut. I'd been working in Hartford. It was a slow night and they didn't need me. I went into the dark basement bar on Asylum Street. I don't know the name of it. But you were there with Gina Crash. The three of us hung out for a few hours. You were always somewhere doing something.
 I'm glad that I met you. I remember when you were working at WILI and Roger took me to the station to meet you. It was late at night. You showed us the studio and put on an extra long song so you could come outside and smoke and visit with us.
 And then when Roger and I were breaking up and you told me that the pain would pass. That he did love me. That we just weren't right at that time. It really helped.
 You are a good guy. You sure did live life to the fullest. I remember seeing you onstage at a Radio 104 Earth Day celebration in the park in Hartford. In KTAG uniform. Khaki shorts, flip flops, denim shirt, bandana. You really had a blast when you had the spot light. Microphone in hand.
 You had a really nice smile when it was the real smile and not the crazy face. But crazy face was part of the performer. And performer you certainly could be.
 I know that many people are saying some great things about you and sharing stories on your facebook page. It really is nice to see all that outpouring of emotion and memories. I just hope that all those people didn't say "hey I'll catch him next time" like I did. I hope that you were happy in your life and I hope that the performer in you wasn't hiding the real you from the people nearest to you. Like I said we haven't been in touch in a long-long time, so I don't know what lifes been like recently.
 I really do hope that this new gig, the one the "going away" party is for, will bring you all the peace, happiness, beer, beach, and Jaeger you want.
 See ya next time,