Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Let me explain my title.

I have a habit of writing on bar napkins. I get inspired when I'm having a few drinks, especially with my friend, Lyndsay, and I never seem to have a notebook. I think I write more freely when I'm in a bar because there are so many faces to inspire me and I'm not as shy after a couple glasses of wine. One thing that is quirky about it is that most often I immediately give them away. If you have ever been lucky or unlucky enough to get one of these gems we probably had a fun time together and I'm thankful you were there with me. Lyndsay has a big pile of them and I will have to go visit her and see if any are worth posting here. I'm going to try to write more. I've always liked it and even if I think my musings are not the most polished or intelligent, I promised my friend Kerry to do this for myself. I am one of those people that does too much for others without noticing how little I do for myself. Kerry is an inspiration to me. And I am going to see how this goes. So, to anyone reading this...I hope you enjoy it and I welcome comments!

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