Monday, February 9, 2009


He turned over carefully,
Hoping the new position would renew his slumber.
As the morning sunlight continued to dance on his heavy eyelids,
He knew he would have to rise soon.
He remembered to thank God for the blessing of a safe nights sleep,
And another day to live,
He wondered what challenges the day would bring,
What blessing in disguise or otherwise,
What new experience or old habit,
As he pondered this bright new day and the blessing of his life,
The noise of early morning traffic increased,
The city was also awakening,
Soon the buses would be running,
Taking people to work and school,
And routines would be continued,
He stretched, yawned, opened his eyes,
And sat up from the bus stop bench,
He gathered his blanket, untied his cart,
And shuffled away from last night's bedroom.

copyright 2009, all rights reserved

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  1. Totally unexpected. I'm so glad you are doing this - you are amazing and have a talent to share indeed!