Monday, August 17, 2009

The Story Game

This is a great thing to do when bored. You right a few lines, leaving a fun place to start from, and pass the napkin to someone else, have them repeat. It works with groups of two or more, but starts to get messy when you have more than ten. (... means the napkin was passed, in this case to Stacey and then back to me)

Colin hated his name and wanted to change it to ... Friedrich, but that was unusual, so to fit in he went to Germany, where he ... fell in love with his land- lady who was 30 years older than he. ... Helga, his land-lady, wasn't who she seemed to be though, as he found out on their wedding night when she...began to remove her voluminous wedding dress. As Friedrich gazed upon his new bride he was shocked to see ... she had a long, sinuous leopard's tail. Shocked when he asked her for it's story, she told him, "It all began ... 50 years ago, when my parents were running the geek show in the Midwest Circuit. They began to run out of freaks to display and ... had to come up with a quick solution because they were $3 from destitution. So they took her ...mother to a crooked doctor they knew and had some leopard DNA injected into her eggs and not knowing what may happen ... they thought it would be a great adventure. So, Helga grew up with a tail and feline eyes, and the family grew very wealthy as a result, until one day when ... the President of the Traveling Shows Association met the doctor at a bar. Discovering the engineering of Helga's freakness, he declared her a "Fake Freak!" ... According to the Association, "Fake Freakness" was punishable by enormous fines, which the family's finances could not support. Hearing all this, all Friedrich could think was, ... how very unfortunate it had been that he never finished law school and would not be able to sue the association for discrimination. His silence prompted Helga to burst into nervous laughter, the sound of which was so hideous to poor Friedrich that he died on the spot of a combination heart attack and ear drum explosion and Helga finally had another meal.


  1. Ha! I think it needs a prequel, though. Helga As Black Widow... Friedrich as the latest in a very long line of victims. Wanted Ads, that poor Friedrich missed because of his poor German... excellent story!

  2. Comment by Stacey, by the way. Forgot my name isn't actually my name.