Monday, August 2, 2010


When you stopped loving me I started pretending,
Oh and I was a good actress!
I convinced myself that you still loved me,
that this was a phase you were going through,
that all I had to do was be patient,
that if I just waited you would tell me what you needed,
but you couldn't tell probably didn't know,
I know that you didn't know that I would do anything to give it to you,
I forgot to tell you how I felt, I didn't tell you that I still loved you,
I wanted you to only feel responsible for yourself,
I wanted you to be with me again,
but when you were ready,
and I never told you, loudly, directly enough,
I asked to be near you, I offered my shoulder,
I was available for you, but I didn't assert myself,
You didn't know how much I would be there for you,
You didn't know how much I ached for you,
I should have told you how much it meant to see you smile at me,
I let you go by accident and now I am the one alone.

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