Thursday, February 3, 2011


someone always says something
that tears a little at my heart
and pulls me back to earth
that something could be nothing
but it makes me blink and think of you
sometimes it is just a mention of a place
it could be a movie
or even an opinion on the weather
a question perhaps
what is the name of that town on the coast
where did you get that sweater
I could be happy up in my clouds
dreaming of better things
ways to get them
scheming for pleasure
and then a word or two
and my balloon starts it's descent
it takes so much to rise
that poor little balloon with it's banged up basket
it wants to float away in the skies
but it keeps falling back to earth
more dreams I scream
I need more dreams to make it float
not memories to weigh it down!

all rights reserved

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