Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The heavy heat of summer

That keeps you low to the ground

And slow to move

Submerging bodies in water at every opportunity

Sometimes forcing heads under water

That heat that makes the body search for shade

That heat that makes even the breeze heavy and wet

Has finally broken.

The sun still shines and forces sensitive eyes to hide behind shaded lenses

But the heat is slowly going

Allowing the earth to cool

Allowing the breeze to refresh

As the air gets crisper

We find ourselves missing the heat

Knowing that soon a cold will creep in

A cold that gets into bones

And chaps hands and bodies

And forces them into cocoons of wool and nylon

A cold that seems too harsh to be temporary

The kind that submerges bodies in seas of blankets

Unwilling to leave their dens

But then it too breaks

And the heat creeps back

    all rights reserved Sharlene Thornton

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