Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1:29 AM 3/20/12

woke up coughing again
with the song in my head
"let the wind take your troubles away"
I'd only been asleep a few hours
what was it about?
the dream on the edge of remembering
what floor is Mr. Brennan's office on?
do you work here?
should I get my hair done?
You can wear your dress off the shoulder now
it's after five
I don't want to
it is uncomfortable
you can't share the couch
you have to sleep on the floor
oh no!
here come the chaperons
pretend to be asleep
skip ahead

what do you want to do today?
need to leave the house
vintage stores and record shops
maybe but don't forget the wedding is at two
I need to get my eyebrows shaped and my hair done
what for? this isn't my wedding
"may the wind take your troubles away"

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  1. I found this on my computer desk this morning and have typed it up as it was found. It is entirely my work and as usual, all rights reserved on this post and every other on this blog.