Tuesday, March 27, 2012

he grits his teeth anticipating pain
she looks at him and feels it before he does
she doesn't want to say what he doesn't want to hear
but she has no right to keep it from him
he knows what he has done
and he knows he deserves his fate
his love is impulsive
hers is forgiving
she rubs his jaw with warm hands
and wills him to relax
she moves her gentle fingers to his eyes
instinct takes over and closes his lids
forcing his surrender
she loves him more than he can know, and will take his pain into her
and he finds himself giving way under her electric touch
and then she strikes
with a kiss
and turns her back and walks away
his jaw falls slack
and she is gone
away from him
taking his love and his will
and he throws himself
it is over in an unforgettable moment

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