Tuesday, February 4, 2014





I hoist the bat to my shoulder as I nervously stand at the door

I finally lift my hand to rap and wait for noise from inside

He deserves this display of raw anger after what he did to me

I call him names like maggot and faggot in my head

I remember all the things he said to me

I hear a shuffle behind the door and I steel myself

The door opens and I look right into those empty eyes

I see the flash of recognition and then the confusion

I push my way into the room and wielding my bat I bring it across his calves

As he crumples to the floor I say to him, “ how does it feel to be helpless?”

Out of the corner of my eye I see movement

Turning only slightly there is a small face peering at me from behind a toy chest

I turn to the victim and tell him that he will live tonight but he will never forget my charity

Storming out of the room I tell myself that I have made the right choice

I pick up my cell phone and call the police

“I have just assaulted the man that raped me in his home. His name is….”


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