Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Case of the Runaway Sneaker

Written when I was Ten years old or so.

1979 maybe


            It was July 4th, 1947. It was dawn at the boy scout summer camp for ten year olds. None of the boys were up yet. Their camp leader, Mars Homes was down by the river when a noise startled her. She turned around with a jerk. Then she heard the sounds of leaves crackling!

            She hestitated to run, for she was curious. Were the boys up yet? After she was sure of herself, she got to her feet. Slowly she went towards the camp.

            She checked on the boys. Each and every one were there. Ernie was there with Sam by his side. Leroy was againest Scot's back. Then she checked on the others.

            Ten minutes later they were all dressed, except Ernie. He could need not find his sneaker. Soon there was a search party formed. Leroy took South, Ernie took East, Scott the west, and Sam was left with North. Mrs Homes stayed at camp to watch the belongings. Everybody met at camp. There was no luck among them all.

            By that time, Mrs Homes had decided to call on Mr. Roy, a great detective. So all of the scouts packed into a camp bus and off they went. When they arrived the maid was washing the windows. Mrs Homes rang the bell and in less than a minute they were in his office. Before Mrs. Homes had time to talk, Ernie had told the whole story. Mr. Roy called his one and only child inside the room. Then introduced her. Her name was Valerie. She was his helper and assistant. Her father told her to pack her bags, she was going to camp with the scouts to help solve their problem.

            When they arrived at camp Mrs. Homes told the boys her name and they told her their names. Mrs. Homes showed pretty Valerie where she was to sleep which was with Mrs. Homes herself. The next day she went straight to work. She dressed and eat a fast breakfast of boxed cereal with milk. The first thing she did was question Ernie. She asked him when and where he last saw his sneaker. She also asked him if there was anything valuable inside it. His answer to the valuable question was, “Yes, a ring I found on Wednesday.” Just then Leroy called from outside. “Hey Ernie, what do you say we go down to Treasure Beach?” Ernie said with a laugh that he would come if Valerie came along. So Leroy agreed. They explored for quite some time.

            When they got back to camp they were greeted. They changed and climbed into their sleeping bags. It had been a long day. Valerie was sure the problem would be solved.

            Now it was July 7th, 1947. Valerie was up first. She could not sleep. She was trying to think. What should she do next? She was puzzled. She would call her father. She quickly dressed and was on her way. She went to the nearest phone booth and called. His advice was to go to town and turn left, go three blocks and turn into a dirt road which would bring her to Treasure Beach. He also told her to bring a map which he had put into her bag. She was told to go to a point marked X. There she would find a cabin where “Mad Man Tom” lived. When she arrived at camp they were all up. She told them what she had done. Then went on her way with the map in her hand. When she arrived at the cabin she shook with fright. There was an old broken bench in front. The windows were smashed to pieces. She knocked at the half rotten door. “Hello in there!” she shrieked. She hestitated but slowly opened the door. Inside was a mean looking man.

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