Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Holly has gone.

Holly has gone


a skip within her step

she is denying all

her past and

living for the moment

50 to go to the



a guitar upon the


lovely love and

longing more than

that little frame

can contain

a cat's whiskers


brush against her


a paper bag of love

and a train ticket

to explore

come with or come

without it will

not make Holly shout


Facing shore

but does she want to

the ocean is so big

and it loves me

the horizon beckons

it wants her

the fish are singing

while they weave between

her legs - a net

of love

of eternal life

she holds her breath

a moment

and lets it all go

and she is among

the stars


all rights reserved
This is just a first draft. And it was indeed written on bar napkins. And obviously inspired by a famous movie character.

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