Monday, February 10, 2014


For those of you who are viewing this little blog for the first time: Welcome!
I tried to add a permanent welcome paragraph to the blog that wouldn't disappear as I added new entries but I am having issues with editing the layout. And so, this blog is mostly made up of musings, poems, phrases and such that have been found on actual bar napkins. I tend to be inspired when I am out with friends in the evening, and I hardly ever have a notebook with me. As a writer, I am blessed with a muse, who comes to me and writes many of these little poems through me. I thought giving her a voice like this would be a great way to thank her. I would like to let any readers out there know that nearly everything here is a one draft creation. I usually just copy whatever I have verbatim.
 At least that is how this blog started out. I've also used it to convey my feelings on a couple of random topics, such as a feeling that the Christmas Season wasn't what I hoped it would be, how people have become rude when walking on campus, and on challenges I've faced while taking classes at GMU.
Two of the stories; A Fantastic Noise and The Little Man, were written in one sitting. They rushed right out of me, but were not written on napkins. They have been edited only for punctuation and spelling. The content is truly one draft creation.
I hope you enjoy this blog. I do welcome feedback!
Have a great day and thanks for reading!

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